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Acne Complete Skin Care Set - Dry Sensitive

Acne Complete Skin Care Set - Dry Sensitive

Complete Acne Care Kit For Glowing and Clear Skin Dry Sensitive Skin - Latic acid Cleanser - Toner - AHA 3% Serum - Light Hydrating Moisturizer - Light Weight sunscreen.

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Product Discription

"Experience the ultimate Clear ,soft and blemish free skin with our aha skincare set. Specially designed for DRY SENSITIVE SKIN, consist of cleanser, Toner,serum ,moisturizer & Sunscreen. Infused with top of the line actives , it provides visible clear skin and leaves your supple ,soft, smooth and radiant. Treat your skin with the care it deserves."

Clear & Smooth Skin

"The first step to soft skin is ensuring your Pores are clear is and gets the care it deserves. Our skincare set , enriched with Ingredients likes latic acid ,aloe vera, niacinamide and many more provides just that and makes skin clear by cleaning pores and removing and trapped dirt or dead skin cells which in turn makes your skin clear."

Moisture Therapy

"Provides hydration on each step of skincare from hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid - panthenol and many more penetrates deep into the skin, providing intensive moisture therapy. leaving your skin soft, smooth, and deeply moisturized. Experience the ultimate in skincare luxury with MOMANDNATURE skincare set."

Safe And Tested

"We don't just care about selling products; we care about your skin. That's why every MOM AND NATURE product undergoes rigorous testing against 10 parameters. We're committed to delivering the best to you."

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Latic Acid - Aqua,Glycerine,cetyl alcohol,Ceterayl alcohol,Sodium cocoyl isethionate,panthenol, Niacinamide,preservative ,Latic acid ,xanthan gum.
Moisturizer - Aqua ,cetearyl Olivate- Sorbitan Olivate, cetyl alcohol, glycerine, sodium lactate, ceterayl alcohol, ,panthenol, , caprylyl glycol ,propanediol,Green tree extract, ,Aloe vera Extract, allantoin ,Peach extract, xanthan gum ,caprylhydroxamic acid,sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid).
Toner - strawberry hydrosol, Aqua ,sodium lactate, propanediol, panthenol, preservative, allantion, h.acid.
Sunsceen - Aqua, glycerine ,cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate,cetyl alcohol, Zinc oxide, caprylic triglycerides
, Sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, cetearyl alchohol, ,panthenol, caprylyl glycol, almond extract, Cherry blossom extract, olive leaf extract.,caprylhydroxamic acid, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid).

How To Use

A guide For using the skincare set will be included in the box.

Suitable For

Ideal For - Acne Scars, Blackheads ,Uneven Skin Tone , Bumps , Sports & Blemish.
Skin Type - Dry & Sensitive Skin.

Why MoM&Nature

1.Natural Ingredients: MOM AND NATURE products are made with ingredients which are free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.
2.Effective Formulas: Our products are formulated to be gentle yet effective.
3.Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability and eco-conscious practices, from our ingredients to our packaging.
4.Cruelty-Free: We do not test our products on animals, making them cruelty-free.
5.Community Impact: A portion of our profits goes towards nature conservation efforts, making a positive impact on the planet.
6.Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide high-quality products that deliver results.
7.Free Return - If You Don't Like Our Products We Offer 7Days Free Return No Questions Asked, That's How Much Confidence We Have On Our Products.