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Vitamin B5+B3 Oil-Free Moisturizer

Vitamin B5+B3 Oil-Free Moisturizer

Light Oil-free Fresh glowing skin with very use.


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What Makes It Mighty

-  rich in antioxidants. Helps combat oxidative stress.
-  control sebum production.
-  control and regulate oily skin through out the day.
-  rich in vitamins B5 - B3 prevent premature signs of aging on the skin
-  does not colghes pores.                
-  bright glowing skin with every use.
-  light weight and  non comedogenic.

Who Can Use

Ideal for – unevenskin tone , open pores, bright & light skin tone.
Skin type – Oily & Combination skin
Suitable for – 16+ age
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In Depth Ingredients

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Allantoin has multiple skin-loving benefits. There’s nothing this ingredient cannot do for you. Here are all the allantoin benefits for skin.
It soothes your skin and relieve itching and inflammation. Thisis because it has anti-irritant properties. 
It’s said that allantoin is keratolytic. This means that it can exfoliate the skin by shedding its outermost layers gentle 
3.Soften The Skin 
Since it exfoliates the topmost cells, it smooths the skin overand reinstate its softness and suppleness.
4. Delay Signs Of Ageing 
Allantoin has mild anti ageing properties. It can stimulate the production of collagen, thus fading signs of ageing on the skin gently.  
5.Eliminate Dullness 
 Not only does Allantoin exfoliate the skin by shedding cells, it accelerates the rate at which cells turn over. A new layer of healthy, young cells surfaces and that’s why you find your skin glowing more than normal.  
6.Heal Wounds Faster 
Since it accelerates cell turnover, it even heals minor wound caused by pimple popping.
7.Fade Scars. 
Allantoin can treat the scars or marks left behind by acne or pimple. Because it has tissue-repairing properties that can increase blood flow, promote the growth of new blood vessels, and stimulate the growth of collagen. These can diminish the prominence of scars on the skin. It helps that the ingredient hydrates the skin too.   
8.Brighten skin - lighten scars, marks, and pigmentation too. This is, again, thanks to the cell rejuvenation process.

Olive leave extract

Olive leave extract is used for 1000 of years by Spanish ladies of its many health and skin benefits but At MoM&Nature , we’re most interested in its effect on skin, both for you and the environment. So, is olive leaf extract good for your skin? Ansuwer is - It sure is Amzing for skin!
This ingredient has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. If you’re even just a bit familiar with skincare, you likely know that those characteristics are always a good thing!
Taking care of your skin is a lifelong battle against the sun, weather, aging and other harmful factors. Using olive leaf extract for skin treatment can reduce inflammation, repair damage, nourish and hydrate skin while also slowing the effects of aging. All that from a single ingredient?
Olive leaf extract alone is not a miracle cure that will suddenly fix all your skin troubles. However, combined with other hydrating, anti inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients which are already included in MoM&Nature Sunscreen, olive leaf extract can be a powerful ally in the fight to protect your skin.
Perhaps the most significant way that olive leaf extract benefits skin is its ability to slow the production of melanin and stop your skin tissue from breaking down. That means that your healthy skin cells stay healthy for longer, even when exposed to the sun.
For people who struggle with acne, the anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf extract are a blessing. Pimples are inflamed hair follicles in the skin.
Olive leaf extract is also antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. That means that it keeps nasty microbes that could cause infection away from your skin.


Panthenol's moisturizing properties come from its ability to attract and retain water in the skin. When applied topically, it penetrates the skin and binds to water molecules, which helps increase skin hydration and improve skin elasticity. This can result in softer, smoother, and more supple skin.

Tea Tree Extract

Tea tree extract is amazing
ingredient for treating acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It calm redness, swelling, and inflammation
Tea tree extract is also great
in controlling and regulating facial oil & sebum production. Which help in
prevention of reduction acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.


When it comes to getting that lit-from-within glow, you definitely want to adopt
niacinamide into your routine. Vitamin B3 is restorative for your skin and is known for its hydrating and skin-brightening properties. And if you’re worried
about having fussy and unpredictable skin, you can exhale! This powerhouse
ingredient stands out for its unique ability to gently support all skin types
across a wide range of skin concerns.
Here are just some of our favorite benefits of niacinamide for skin.
-Niacinamide is an absolute legend when it comes
to achieving that coveted radiant glow. Its brightening benefits are largely a
result of all the many complexion-enhancing properties combined.
-Using niacinamide for skin has been shown to
support the production of keratin in your skin, resulting in a tighter-looking,
Glowing and more youthful appearance.
-Niacinamide  helps keeping your complexion looking clearer,
smoother, and more even-toned.
-Your skin battles environmental pollutants every
day. Niacinamide acts as a powerful antioxidant for your skin, delivering
protective properties that can help shield against the skin-damaging effects of
oxidative stress.
-This ingredient helps boost moisture and balance your skin, which can prevent oily
skin from overcompensating by producing too much oil. Even Oily skin needs
plenty of hydration, and niacinamide is the perfect choice for that.

N acetyl glucosamine

Acetyl glucosamine is a multi-purpose antioxidant that has been shown to be effective in reducing visible discolorations. It works particularly well for evening skin tone when paired with the B vitamin niacinamide. It can also help reinforce skin’s supportive elements and is known to be soothing.
One of the uniquely beneficial aspects of acetyl glucosamine is that it is a precursor of hyaluronic acid (meaning it helps skin produce its own hyaluronic acid content naturally). Hyaluronic acid is a fundamental component responsible for helping skin maintain hydration and elasticity.

Complete Ingredients

Aqua ,cetearyl Olivate,Sorbitan Olivate, cetyl alcohol, glycerine, sodium lactate, ceterayl alcohol, ,panthenol, Niacinamide, caprylyl glycol ,N acetyl glucosamine ,Tea tree extract, allantoin ,Peach extract, Olive leaf extract, xanthan gum ,caprylhydroxamic acid, .